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Manentia Advisory's AI and image analysis software equips powerful cloud-based technology to advance their image analysis tasks, workflows and Detection.

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AI Diagnosis

AI Diagnosis uses three highly accurate deep learning algorithms to detect and mark the infected areas in X-Ray and CT-Scan Images. AI Diagnosis Aims to Detecting Respiratory And Lung Diseases With Significant Symptoms Using X-Ray & CT-Scan Images And Provides Quick Diagnosis Reports. And Also Marks The Infected Areas Within The Images For Easy Examination


iCare Is Platform Which Can Detects The Symptoms Of Diabetes Retinopathy Using Fundus Image And Shows Area Effected By Microaneurysms, Hemorrhages & Exudates.For RetinoScan, we have developed algorithms which detect stage of Diabetic Retinopathy Diseases and generate various screening images from single fundus image.

What we offer?

Manentia offers the following service.

Report Generation

AI Diagnosis: uses Artificial Intelligence and the latest technologies to provide patients rapid diagnosis reports with high accuracy.

Expeditious Results

Our app is embedded with modern-day technology to provide its users with accurate results in a fraction of seconds.

Cloud Based Storage

We also provide cloud storage to our users where they can store all their previous reports and refer to them in the future anytime and anywhere they want.

Detailed Screening

Our screening technology has the ability to detect more than 13 lungs-diseases like Covid-19, pneumonia, etc.

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